Ji Chang Wook says he is open to cross-dressing

Ji Chang Wook had done a nude shower fight scene in The K2.

Ji Chang Wook
South Korean actor Ji Chang Woo Facebook

South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook is definitely a hard working actor. He is known to doing extreme things to the body in the name of art.

During an episode of the KBS2 show Entertainment Weekly, the interviewer asked if he is ready to cross-dress for a role. Wook replied: "Of course."

The actor also shared his thoughts on his upcoming film, Fabricated City. He said: "I worried a lot when it first started. I was uneasy about whether I could lead a movie well as the main actor. I was under a lot of pressure."

The actor feels blessed he was chosen for the role. He added: "There are many good-looking actors. I think it may be because of a different, better quality."

Previously, Wook had done a nude shower fight scene in the South Korean television series, The K2. In the shot, the 29-year-old actor gets into a fight with a group of naked men, with their lower body blurred out.

During an interview, Chang Wook expressed his thoughts on the two-minute long scene. He said: "I told the director, 'It's considerably difficult to maintain my body.' I had to exercise every day and control what I ate. As filming progressed, it became hard to do both."

"I was satisfied deep down because it thankfully came out as something unusual and unconventional," he added.