Ji Chang Wook opens about his financial struggle during initial days of acting career

Ji Chang Wook plays lead in tvN's upcoming drama, K2 along Girl's Generations Yoona.

Ji Chang Wook
South Korean actor, Ji Chang Woo  play lead in tvN's upcoming drama, K2 along Girl's Generations Yoona Facebook

Ji Chang Wook has opened about up his financial woes during the 27 September broadcast of talk show, Taxi. The actor gave some insight into his monetary struggles during his initial acting days.

During the airing, the rising Chinese star revealed: "Our home wasn't well-off. I wasn't competent at anything and didn't make much money."

Wook further revealed that his mother used to work in a restaurant despite of her ill health in order to earn bread for the family. However, the K2 actor has now achieved a lot in his career, and has made his mother proud. After his grand break into the K-pop industry, the actor has been doing extremely well and has made name of himself in other countries too.

When asked to elaborate the gift he cherished giving to his mother after his big break in the industry, Wook replied:"My mother likes cash the best. What I'm most proud of is that I paid off all the debts of my household. It was meaningful [to me]."

The 29-year-old further added that he is overwhelmed to purchase a home for his family.

Meanwhile, the Healer actor also talked about his rising popularity among Chinese fans. Giving an instance, the South Korean actor shared that once he was forced to lock inside a hotel as fans flocked the event. He said: "A launching event for a Chinese brand was canceled because so many fans swarmed the event. As soon as I arrived at the Chinese hotel, they refused to let me out."

He added that authorities even threatened to shut down the electricity, in order to take control of the situation.