Ji Chang Wook
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Korean actor Ji Chang Wook is looking forward to star in one more project before he heads for military service. During the promotional press conference of Fabricated City, the actor revealed about this to the media.

When the actor started filming for Fabricated City, fans speculated that the crime film will be his last and he would be starting his service to the country soon after that. However, clearing all such speculations he revealed that he wishes to remain occupied with work, and would be able to do another project soon.

According to Soompi, Ji Chang Wook revealed before a predominantly South Korean crowd that if the timetable's right, he would do one more project before his military service.

He said: "I'm thinking about doing one more since I haven't received a draft notice or an enlistment date yet. Time-wise, a drama will be more adequate than a film."

In another interview with Korean newsoutlet Naver TV, the actor revealed that he intends to undergo LASIK surgery to get higher ranking in the military. Reportedly, because of his poor vision, for active duty in the recent physical exam he only got a third class. However, it is mandatory to do the service.

According to Ji Chang Wook, this mandatory military service would give him enough time to regulate his lifestyle. Moreover, he has been working all these years, this will help him to recharge his energy levels.

The actor also revealed that he is open to taking up roles of different kinds and on various genres. In fact, on the KBS 2TV's "Entertainment Weekly," Ji Chang Wook said that he doesn't have a problem to cross-dress for a certain role.