Ji Chang Wook completes 10 years: Actor to hold farewell concert for fans

This will be his 10th concert and will take place on July 22 at 7 pm KST at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.

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Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook will fulfill his two-year mandatory military service this year Instagram/jichangwook

Handsome hunk Ji Chang Wook has already confirmed that he would be enlisting his pending military service after wrapping up his ongoing drama Suspicious Partner. While fans are already heartbroken to hear his departure, the actor has surprised them with a good news. The K2 actor will be holding a special concert as a farewell gift to his fans. Interestingly, the concert will also celebrate 10 years of Ji Chang Wook in the industry.

According to a report on Soompi, the actor's agency, Glorious Entertainment, stated, "2017 was a special year for Ji Chang Wook. He debuted in 2008 and has been working nonstop for the past decade to mature and grow and become a representative actor of Korea. He wants to share the record of the past ten years through more than just the screen."

A source from the actor's camp told Soompi that Wook is planning to meet his fans and give them an unforgettable experience. This will be his 10th concert and will take place on July 22 at 7 pm KST at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.

Wook has been working non-stop over the years and military would give him the required time to regulate his lifestyle and recharge the energy levels. Earlier this year, the actor revealed that he could only get a third class rank for active duty in the physical exam due to his poor vision. The Healer actor also underwent lasik surgery and to get a first class rank. "Going to the military is a must for any Korean citizen. My friends and people around me enlist, too, so I don't feel regretful or anything," he added.

In his ongoing rom-com, Suspicious Partner, Wook plays No Jin Wook, a no-nonsense, clever, and merciless prosecutor with top-class win rates. While working on a mysterious case, Wook falls for a newbie lawyer Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun). Wook has two things to deal with—a traumatic past involving his childhood and first love, and an amnesiac killer.

This article was first published on June 15, 2017