Jesus & Other Gods Were Sent By Aliens To Protect Earthlings, Claims UFO Cult Group

Members of the UFO cult group Aetherius Society believe that aliens from planets like Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter have visited Earth before and have guided and protected humanity throughout our history in the form of sending God like figures.

The group claims that religious figures like Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna and other Gods are beings from other planets who were sent to guide mankind in the right path when they go astray and have been doing so for thousands of years.

According to Dr. King from the Aetherius Society, spacecrafts from outer space disguised as comets come to "spin a Karmic Web" around Earth every few hundred years that brings some sort of spiritual awakening either through a Godman or casts a web that makes Earthlings start a Renaissance like thinking.

Oumuamua Comet
Twitter / U.S Army

Interstellar object Oumuamua, which zipped past Earth on October 2017, is in the news again as the UFO cult group Aetherius Society speculated that the huge lump of space rock isn't just a comet but alien technology sent by outer space beings from Venus to visit, study and protect Earthlings.

The UFO cult group claims that Oumuamua was not the first recorded interstellar object from Venus that visit Earth but said two unusually bright objects were visible from the Northern Latitudes in Canada and America. The group claims that space technology during that time was limited and hence was dismissed as comets by the US military, government and NASA.

Dr. King claims, one among the two bright objects in 1957 was not a comet but an advanced alien spacecraft disguised as a lump of rock, was actually from Venus named Master Aetherius, from which their UFO cult was named.

Oumuamua Comet
Twitter / Nagual Design

Another Minister from the Aetherius Society, Reverend Julian Rosser added that the real origins of the bright objects that visited us in 1957 was brushed away as comets but there's more to it than we can imagine. "Oumuamua was not the first recorded interstellar object in our Solar System. There was one 60 years earlier that was observed without its interstellar origins being realised," he told the DailyStar.

However, a professor from the University of Maryland, Matthew Knight rubbished the Aetherius Society's claims saying the 1957 comets are well documented and several theories are made around it to prove that it was a natural space phenomenon. ''The alien spacecraft hypothesis is a fun idea, but our analysis suggests there is a whole host of natural phenomena that could explain it."