Jessica Simpson saw Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash site from her backyard; shares picture

Jessica Simpson could see Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash site right from her own backyard and shared a picture on her Instagram handle

A devastating helicopter crash killed NBA star Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and fans are yet to come to terms that they're no more. Condolences are pouring from all over the world from world leaders, sportsperson, politicians and fans alike and this is a loss that'll be felt for many years to come.

American singer Jessica Simpson could see the helicopter crash site from her own backyard in a hill nearby and shared a heart-wrenching picture of the skies with a caption that'll make you shed tears. She took to Instagram saying she ''felt the heavens parting'' after Kobe and Gianna's death, as she heard the emergency helicopters flying over her house.

Kobe and Gianna are lifted to be with God for eternity

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Jessica Simpson Wikimedia Commons

In an emotional takedown of the incident which unfolded before her eyes, Jessica said on Instagram ''Eric took this photo from our backyard right after the accident happened where Kobe, his daughter, and other beautiful souls were lifted up to be with God for eternity. We could see the emergency helicopters flying over our house and I felt the loss.''

Jessica Simpson Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Death
Instagram grab/ Jessica Simpson

She further added, ''I felt the power in the sky of the heavens parting to make room for the greatest of angels to rise. My heart is completely broken for all the families and loved ones left behind trying to make sense of things in this tragic moment. Vanessa, you are the woman and wife that championed your husband to greatness. My prayers are constant for everyone affected by this impactful loss.''

A big loss for basketball - RIP Kobe Bryant and Gianna

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Twitter / Kobe Bryant Universe

Kobe Bryant was at the peak of his career and his sudden and tragic demise is a big loss for basketball. He was loved and adored by fans across the globe and people looked up to him as a role model to be better in their game. His death is one of the most tragic incidents that happened at the start of 2020.