Jessica Jung's fanclub name revealed

People can become official members of Jessica Jung Fan club by purchasing the membership that costs $13 or 15,000 won.

Jessica Jung has finally given a name to her official fan club. The songstress ran a poll among a bunch of prospective names last month, and the most voted one was selected.

Jung's agency, Coridel Entertainment announced the designated name on Tuesday. The company released an official statement and named the club Golden Stars.

The note read: "The official fan club name is 'Golden Stars', which means we are the light to the dark, tough times. We hope for a fresh start for Jessica and 'Golden Stars', and also for them to create more memories together. Please, give love and attention."

In May, the 26-year-old sent out an invitation to her fans to vote for the official name on the agency's website. Reportedly, two names, other than the chosen one, were cited popular among the voters. As per Allkpop, the names, With.J and Gorjess catered special meanings: "With.J pertains to being together with Jessica, while Gorjess is equal to gorgeous + Jessica."

Jung's fans can become official members of Golden Star by purchasing the membership that costs $13 or 15,000 won, approximately. As far as the benefits of the membership are concerned, it is said that official members will stand a chance to get exclusive deals on ticket prices of the singer's concerts, and will get a chance to purchase entry cards for fan meets in advance.