Jessica Jung talks about marriage and kids; says in relationship with Tyler Kwon

Singer, however, wants to focus on her career and is not thinking about marriage in near future

Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung has finally admitted that she is in a relationship with entrepreneur Tyler Kwon.

The 27-year-old, who has been rumoured dating the Coridel Entertainment's CEO for the l,ast two years, shared the exciting news with her fans.

During a promotional interview with TV Report, the songstress revealed some facts about her relationship with the Coridel Entertainment CEO. She said: "Women or men, they both tend to look bright and happy when loved. I've never dated anyone for more than a year before".

It looks like Jung means she's in a long time relationship with Kwon this time. Jung also affirmed that Kwon's smartness was one of the prominent factors which made the singer fall for him.

However, after the big revelation Jung also talked about her wedding bells, which doesn't seem to ring anytime soon. The "Love me the Same" singer stated that she would want to focus on her career and is not thinking about marriage in the near future. However, she added that she would love to have kids after tying the knot with Kwong. She even suggested she would like to have two kids. "I like having a younger sister so I think at least two," Jung said.

Meanwhile, Jung has been working hard on her comeback solo album in collaboration Coridel Entertainment, which is set to be released on Tuesday, May 17.

Her recently released MV 'Fly', from her upcoming album 'With Love, J" has been making quite ripple around the music industry. Reportedly, the song topped several music charts, including MelOn hours after its release. Jung also shared this happy news on her social media accounts, thanking her fans for the success.