Jessica Jung planning duet with sister Krystal?

Former Girls' Generation member says she cannot stop thanking her sister Krystal Jung.

Korean-American singer Jessica Jung is on cloud nine with her first solo album making a blockbuster hit in the industry. The 27-year-old has already sold 60,000 units of her album in pre - sales and is currently in the middle of producing additional lot of copies.

The former Girls' Generation member, who has been working on her dream album for almost a year now, is excited and cannot stop thanking her sister, Krystal Jung, for all the support.

During an interview with Tenasia, the 'Fly' singer was all in praise for her sibling, who represents girl group band f(x) as a lead vocalist. She said: "Krystal is the one who was most excited when I was preparing my solo album. When I was trying to pick my title song, she gave it a lot of attention to the point where I got a bit annoyed."

Jung continued: "She even picked the release order of my teaser images, and came to my MV set and watched me like a director with her arms crossed. She showed me in action rather than in words, and helped me by my side."

She also stated that she did not send her songs to Krystal beforehand fearing leaks: "Songs might leak so I didn't send it to Krystal, but she kept asking for it. I didn't send it to her until a few days before my promotions in China. She kept bugging me because she wanted to hear it first."

When asked about any possibilities of performing with her sister, Jung told news outlet Allkpop, "We share a lot about music. A duet is something we've always considered."