Jessica Jung hints new album will be released soon

Jessica Jung had released her maiden solo album, With Love, J.

It won't be long until we see South Korea-based American singer/actress Jessica Jung all ready with her next album. The 27-year-old singer, who recently released her first solo album, With Love, J, might amuse her fans with another set of tracks by the end of this year.

During an interview with The Star magazine, Jung was asked to share her experience on releasing the album as a solo artist. She said: "Now I can do what I like the best, so I'm happy. I hope this summer, a lot of people get to know my music. There won't be that long until my next album."

She added: "I got closer with my fans. They're people who make me shine even during hard times."

Meanwhile, Jung, who left Girls' Generation in 2014, owes her success to the band. In her previous interview with Tenasia, Jung affirmed: "I wouldn't be here without Girls' Generation. If there were no Girls' Generation, there would be no me. Also, Girls' Generation would not be here without the company. It's very precious. I have no desire to deny who I was at the time."

When asked about her departure from the girl group, the singer replied: "There was no choice but to make that decision. Our interests were different. We had to separate at some time; I just think that my time of departure came first."

Talking about pessimistic reactions on the split, she added: "If there's any misunderstanding, I will resolve that at any time. The truth will go through in the end, and when time passes, I believe [people] would come to recognize [the truth]."