Jessica Jung explains why she is mysteriously absent from SBS radio show

'Fly' singer Jung was scheduled to do a cameo on 'Lee Kuk Ju's Young Street' on May 24.

'Fly' singer Jessica Jung will not appear on SBS radio show following a communication gap between the singer's agency and the production house.

Jung was scheduled to do a cameo on 'Lee Kuk Ju's Young Street' on May 24. However, the singer's appearance on the show had to be cancelled. Reportedly, Jung's representatives are very disappointed over the sudden cancellation and are seeking a valid reason from SBS.

The rep stated: "[Her appearance] was decided upon last Wednesday, and then her scheduled appearance was cancelled on the weekend. We haven't heard the exact reason for the cancellation. She is very disappointed because she had been preparing to perform live."

On the other hand, in response to the claims of the singer's officials, SBS issued a statement dispelling any confusion. The broadcasting channel asserted that the cancellation was "SBS's one-sided notice" and was communicated beforehand. "It is simply a misunderstanding. We heard that [the appearance] was cancelled after both sides discussed it," they said.

As per the network, the show was scheduled to host Jo Moon Geun Band as the main guest and the former Girls' Generation singer was offered a cameo on the show as the secondary guest. However, SBS claims that Jung's rep was keen on sending the singer as a sole guest. The production house told Soompi: "After some internal discussion, we decided to invite her to appear on her own next time instead, and asked Jessica's representatives for their understanding."

Meanwhile, acknowledging the SBS side of the story, the 27-year-old's officials have something more to add: "When she was first cast for the show, the producers asked us about whether or not she wanted to appear alone on the show. We told them that appearing with another artist would be good too, and then it was decided that she would be appearing alongside Jo Moon Geun Band."

Amid all the confusion and misscommunication, one good thing is that the American-born singer is not too unhappy over the situation. She posted a message on her social media in reference to the chaos and tagged the whole thing as 'humorous'.

She wrote: "I laughed so much! Today. Extremely humorous. haha. Guys~ We don't even have enough time to celebrate and be happy in this moment- this time right now! It's such a waste to spend it somewhere else~ Smile! you can fly. Thank you and congratulations. Your heart and my heart."