Jessica Jung comes out at detractors after lawmaker drags her into political scandal

Jessica's agency releases statement denying rumours connecting her to President Park Geun Hye,

Jessica Jung

Actress Jessica Jung has finally broken her silence over rumours involving her with Choi Soon Sil, who is at the centre of the political high drama in South Korea.

On 14 November, Jessica's agency Coridel Entertainment released a statement denying rumours that suggested that she has been receiving confidential information and drafts of the president's speeches because of her closeness to Choi Soon Sil.

Choi was accused of taking benefit of her closeness President Park Geun Hye, setting off a chian of events that led the opposition to demand the president's resignation.

According to the AllKpop, the suspicion on the actress started when Congressman Ahn Min Suk, during an interview, revealed that there was a celebrity who was receiving favours from Choi Soon Sil. Following this incident, Jessica began receiving flak on social media after several people started believing that she was the actress Ahn Min Suk was talking about.

Here is the full statement issued by Coridel Entertainment:

"Hello. This is Coridel Entertainment.

We want to state that our artist has nothing to do with Choi Soon Shil Gate and the mentioned celebrity related to the scandal.

Congressman Ahn Min Suk has also clarified that the online posts going around are false and have been edited and put together as if they are real articles. We are taking legal actions against those malicious online posts and social media content.

We are saddened to see that Jessica is being mentioned is this situation without any evidence and must take actions -- especially since it is tied to a grave, national matter.

We ask that you delete all posts about this since it is something that greatly damages the reputation and honor of Jessica, not only as a celebrity but also as an individual person. It is also emotionally distressing, so please take down those posts.

Again, we will be closely observing any more of the posts of false rumors, and will be taking aggressive legal actions."