Jessica Chastain reveals she was 'awkward and strange' child

Jessica Chastain also talked about her love for bold roles.

American actress and film producer Jessica Chastain has opened up about her childhood. The two-time Oscar nominee revealed she was not impressive in her academics.

"I didn't do well in school. I was kind of awkward and strange, didn't have a lot of friends. I had a terrible perm. I fried my hair and had a red 'fro. I wore cowboy boots in school. I was not a cool kid at all," she told Modern Luxury.

Chastain also expressed her love for bold roles. She said: "I want to be challenged. I want to be in all dramas. I'm sad because they don't make Westerns anymore. I'm dying to do a Western and play some badass, gun-toting, horseback-riding lady cowboy."

Adding on, the Interstellar star apparently asked her The Huntsman: Winter's War director to feature bruises on her, for her role as warrior Sara in the movie. She said: "When I first arrived on set, I begged the director, Cedric [Nicolas-Troyan], for a scar on my face. I didn't think the studio was going to go for it, but they did. I was so happy with it too. When you think of heroines or love interests, you think of these perfect little packages, but I think scars are beautiful. Flaws are beautiful."