Jessica Chastain drops the first look of her upcoming all-female spy thriller 355

355 first lookInstagram
355 first look Instagram grab

Jessica Chastain is super stoked about her upcoming all female-led spy thriller 355! The actress shared the first look on Instagram. The film also stars Diane Kruger, Penélope Cruz, Fan Bingbing and Lupita Nyong'o in pivotal roles.

The film 355, will be directed by Simon Kinberg, the director of Chastain's latest outing, Dark Phoenix. Speaking about working with Kinberg in her upcoming project, Chastain said, "When Simon and I were making X-Men, I had this idea of doing an all-female ensemble action film. And so we called all the actresses and we are the studio. Everyone owns the film. And now we're making it. It's insane that we're actually making it now."

The spy-thriller also stars Sebastian Stan and Édgar Ramírez, who are visible in the Instagram video shared by the actress.

In the video, while Diane Kruger gets her shots perfected with a gun in her hand, Nyong'o and Fan are both seen sweating it out in separate boxing sessions. All the ladies seem really perked up to play their respective characters in the film. Last year at the Cannes Film Festival, the actresses did attend the red carpet event to promote their film. As per a report on Deadline, the idea to come up with an all women-led spy thriller came to Chastain as she wished to work on a Bourne-like franchise.

Chastain told the publication, "I love the Bourne movies, the Mission: Impossible films, and wondered why, except for Charlie's Angels, there hadn't been a true female ensemble action-thriller spy film," and further added, "That got my wheels going, along with the idea of casting actresses from all over the world to truly make it an international project. I called all the women, told them what I was envisioning and that I wanted it to be a collaborative process, and how we would all create this together."

Apart from the cast and everyone involved in the project, even Reese Witherspoon seems super excited for the project as she commented the same on Chastain's post! A release date has not been set yet but we can't wait!