Jessica Bader: LI School Principal Who Mysteriously Quit One Month After Appointment Had Sexual Contact with Student Two Decades Ago: Probe

The state investigation revealed that the alleged sexual relationship involved kissing and fondling and took place "in a classroom setting."

A former assistant principal in Queens allegedly had "sexual contact" with a student in a classroom at a high school where she worked twenty years ago, as per a recently disclosed state probe conducted in 2007. Jessica Bader worked for nine years at George J. Ryan Middle School 216 in Fresh Meadows before taking a job in East Norwich, Long Island.

She eventually became a principal at her new location last September. However, her sudden and unexpected resignation the following month raised concerns and prompted questions from parents within the district. On Friday, News 12 Long Island's investigation revealed the decade-old scandal behind Bader's brief tenure as the school boss.

Sexually Abused Student Two Decades Ago

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As per the state's investigation, Bader, 51, is accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student at East Meadow High School in the years 2004 and 2005. The state investigation revealed that the alleged sexual relationship involved kissing and fondling and took place "in a classroom setting."

Following the allegations, Bader was reassigned to an administrative role away from students and subsequently resigned in 2005.

Her teaching certification was suspended for four years in 2007.

However, in 2013, the NYC Department of Education hired her as an assistant principal in Queens District 26.

However, the process through which Bader cleared her background check with the Department of Education remains unclear.

In 2022, Jesica Bader applied to the Oyster Bay-East Norwich district. The investigation by News 12 revealed that she omitted details of her East Meadow misconduct from her application and falsely claimed that her certification was never revoked.

Following her unexpected resignation in October concerned parents from the North Shore district pressed for explanations.

Sexual Predator Behind Mask

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According to reports, the East Norwich district has not confirmed whether they were aware of the previous allegations before hiring Bader. In the state hearings held in 2007, Bader, who was not criminally charged as the student was of legal age, argued that the relationship was consensual.

She contended that the student was not a minor, nor was he enrolled in any of her classes, according to the documents.

"It was a gross error in judgment to believe that it is appropriate for any teacher to kiss or fondle a student in a classroom setting, whether or not the student was in a classroom taught by that teacher or even if that student has technically reached the age of majority," state hearing officer Patricia Rodriguez wrote.

During the state hearings, Bader testified that she had a lapse in judgment, blaming it on stress stemming from the birth of twins and the demands of her personal and professional life.