Jesse Williams Responds to Nude Video Leak; Theatre Backs Actor as Social Media Asks if Leak Was Staged

Broadway's Second Stage Theatre has backed actor Jesse Williams over his leaked nude footage from gay play 'Take Me Out' that created ripples on the internet. The Theatre authorities have stepped forward to condemn the incident, calling it unfortunate and disrespectful towards the production as well as the cast.

According to a report published by New York Post, Second Stage Theatre has stated that taking nude pictures of someone and sharing them on internet without the individual's consent is unlawful. The theatre authorities also stated that the leak could have serious legal consequences.

Another report published by The Independent states that Williams in his response to the incident stated, "It's a body, once you see it, you realize it's whatever, it's a boy!" adding that he just doesn't have to make it not that big a deal.

Jesse Williams

Was It a Publicity Stunt?

However, a cross section of followers on social media feel that this leak wouldn't have been possible without the help of an insider. This insider could be Williams or one of his co-artists, looking for an extra dose of "fame", added the followers.

The critics are looking at this leak as a stunt to make the play popular and to increase the sale of tickets for additional revenue.

On the other hand, a faction of theatre aficionados has reprimanded the culprit stating that this is an insult to the actors, fellow audiences and theatre itself. Such behavior should not be ignored and the guilty should be held accountable for breaching the trust, added the theatre enthusiasts.

Even the LGBTQ groups have come forward to condemn the incident terming it to be an act of sexual harassment.

Some followers have even come up with funny memes, animations and mash-ups on social media platforms.

A twitter follower while expressing his resentment wrote, "No, but for real, if this #jessewilliams photo wasn't a purposeful leak by someone in his camp, then this is f**ed up. I'm sure they had ways to keep phones locked up or audience was told to put their phones on airplane mode. But if it was a leak to drum up interest, it worked.

"I'm convinced it was a stunt to leak the video so that ticket sales could go up and it worked like a charm. #JesseWilliams," read a tweet.

Another user shared, "Though the Jesse Williams' video leak has gotten plenty of attention in the last 24 hours, it's worth it to read this great look at the play he's in by @amwtweets."