Jeon Ji-yoon reflects on being a solo singer after 4Minute's disbandment

Jeon Ji-yoon signed up with agency JS E&M and recently released the single "Hello."

Jeon Ji-yoon
Jeon Ji-yoon JS E&M

After Korean girl group 4Minute disbanded in June last year, member Jeon Ji-yoon parted ways with Cube Entertainment to become a solo artist.

She signed up with agency JS E&M and recently released the single "Hello."

Jeon Ji-yoon said being a solo artist is a "lonely battle" but she now has the freedom to choose her own music .

When asked about the difference between being in a group and a solo artist, she said, "When I was in a group, we goofed around a lot and had many fun stories to tell. While we were performing I could joke around with the members and have fun in a comfortable atmosphere."

"So, being a solo artist there have been times that I have felt lonely. I'm fighting a lonely battle by myself. But also, when I was in a group, I couldn't voice my opinion much because I had to blend in with the group's taste. I wasn't able to play the music I wanted. This time, my opinion and my taste is pretty much everything," she said, according to Ilgan Sports and Korea JoongAng Daily.

While she now has freedom, she revealed that she's doing everything by herself.

"Although I'm not in a full- time contract, I do have an agency that helps me along. I plan my schedule and activities through people I know," she said. "Four months ago I went to the broadcasting company to give out coffee and say hello. I'm just so happy to make, play and sing music with the old and new music crews. I used to have only a small pool of acquaintances, but now it's bigger because I do everything by myself now."

She said holding a solo concert is only possible in the distant future.

"I'm not exactly sure when I will be able to have a concert as a solo artist, but I do want to have my own show with my name on the bill. Hopefully, that day will come eventually," she said.

Despite that 4Minute members are no longer together, Jeon Ji-yoon said they "meet very often, when we have nothing else to do."

"Like a friend living close by, we meet, drink coffee and chat. They've already heard my new song, so there wasn't much reaction to it. The members are very down-to-earth. They give practical advice, but they fully trust and support me," she said.

She said she will be releasing a mini album in the winter.

"The planning of the album is over and I'm in the process of choosing the songs that will go on it. I've already recorded some of the music. I think that a part of Jeon Ji-yoon that the public hasn't seen yet will come out on this album," she said.

Her long-term goal is to hold her own solo concert.

"But for now, I plan to act alone without the support of an entertainment agency. I believe that promoting and doing business by myself will be an enormous asset in the future. I can feel that I'm learning and growing," she said.