Jeon Hye Bin does not want to disclose relationship in public

Jeon Hye Bin was last seen in tvN's rom-com drama, Oh Hae Young Again

Jeon Hye Bin does not feel comfortable talking about her personal life in public. The actress who bid adieu to her hit drama, Oh Haye Young Again on 28 June, affirmed that public revelation of relationship will never prove favorable for those working in the entertainment industry.

The 32-year-old told Allkpop: "After observing the entertainment industry for over 10 years, going public with a relationship isn't favorable. There's nothing you can gain from it. Even when I talk about it with my friends, they say it's always uncomfortable."

Hye Bin, who has been eyeing the industry for over a decade, has always kept her romantic relationships away from the limelight. However, when asked about dating and marriage plans, the actress stated that there is no man in her life currently.

The actress, who debuted as a singer in 2002, told the media outlet: "I'm too old to go public with my relationships now. In the past, I thought that around this age would be when I would be getting married. But now, it still seems far off to me. I don't have anyone to consider [getting married with]. Before I marry, I want to work a lot."

The singer-turned-actress further added: "I debuted at a young age, so I can't say that I'm all that honest when it comes to my feelings about love."

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