Jennifer Neville on Empowering Women to Take Charge and Invest in Themselves

Jennifer Neville

Contrary to the popular outlook, success does not happen overnight. It is the culmination of several hours, days, months, and sometimes even months of hard work and perseverance. This proves true for Jennifer Neville, a revolutionary helping women realize their innate power, find their voice, and take back control of the various aspects of their lives.

Hailing from Bradenton, Florida, and currently living in Tampa, Jennifer Neville is a bi-lingual half Dominican businessperson and content creator who champions the cause for change and self-development by expertly using techniques such as astrology, tarot, and intuitive coaching to help people channel their inner power to understand how to tap into their creative power and design offerings around what feels most inspiring to them in the present.

All her life, Jennifer has always been driven by passion and she went to great length to design her life around the pursuit of passion. She played golf competitively all her life and went professional for four years after school fascinated by the character and mindset development the sport offered. She wanted to help others realize the same, "I knew that I wanted to have a platform one day to help others feel confident in pursuing their dreams," she passionately shared.

On the manicured lawn of the golf course, Jennifer learnt all about discipline, success and winning. She had a nagging realization that many people needed her knowledge and so, she walked off the golf course to start a YouTube channel dedicated to tarot and astrology. This single power move helped her find fulfillment as she built her platform to coach and guide others to success.

Throughout her journey from being a professional golfer to a Youtuber, Jennifer found strength and inspiration in public speakers such as Gabby Bernstein who was vocal about more spiritual notions like the law of attraction and abundance mindset.

Although it may seem like it, life for Jennifer is not a walk in the park with candy in hand. She crossed a lot of obstacles as she gave up her very identity as "Jen the Golfer" to venture into the unknown world of YouTube content creation. Her growth and expansion on her YouTube channel was also marred by users who would hide behind anonymous accounts to send hateful comments and threats. In turn, she was deeply troubled by the development and was faced with the lingering question of if life as a content creator was sustainable and if retracing her steps to find a "real job" would make her happier.

However, she preserved, keeping her eyes focused on her reason for starting in the first place - to help people. She draws strength from the happiness, enthusiasm, and fulfillment exhibited by her clients after a consultation. "That is one of the best feelings that I don't ever want to give up," she explained.

Now, Jennifer Neville has earned the respect of her online community, built a Youtube platform of over 120K subscribers, built a 6-figure business in the first year of its conception, and has launched multiple successful courses & online offerings. In the coming years, Jennifer hopes to finish her long-anticipated book and officially become a published author. She wants to continue to share her stories and become a beacon of hope to many women.