Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez was seen hanging out with Drake. Reuters

Jennifer Lopez's recent pictures on her Instagram account prove age is just a number as Lopez flaunts her booty in a cheeky pose. Fans complimented the 47-year-old actress/singer by commenting "beautiful butt" and by urging her to "keep rockin'" that booty. However, it is not known what her rumoured boyfriend Drake thinks about the pictures.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez officially didn't confirm their relationship but they have been spotted together on various occasions and their instagram pictures hint at their secret romance. According to OK! Magazine, a source says Jennifer is "willing to take the relationship to a next level on one condition."

Reportedly, she can only take her relationship to the next level with the 30-year old rapper if he cut off his ties with his former lover Rihanna. The magazine further states that Drake's on and off romance with Rihanna is something she doesn't appreciate.

According to the reports Lopez 'threw a fit' when she came to know Drake was in touch with his former girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rihanna is said to be really hurt by Lopez' tanturms as they were very good friends. Rihanna feels it to be a betrayal of trust and friendship.

According to the publication, it is really upsetting for Rihanna to watch her former lover and Lopez, whom she considered to be a great friend, to be involved romantically. According to a source, Lopez was Rihanna's 'close friend' but now, she's "over their friendship" because of what Lopez did. It's more hurting because Lopez knew her solid relationship with Drake.

According to the insider, "Rihanna and Jennifer used to be good friends. She's even confided in J.Lo about her rocky relationship with Drake over the years." The source further added that Rihanna branded Lopez as a 'traitor' and is 'desperate' to be romantically together with her former boyfriend.