Jennifer Lawrence 'secretly dating' 47-year-old Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky

A fan posted an image of the two on Instagram.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is secretly dating director Darren Aronofsky Reuters

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is rumoured to be dating Darren Aronofsky. The Hunger Games star and the 47-year-old Black Swan director apparently got close while working on a project over the summer.

The pair were photographed together by a fan who shared the image on Instagram. A source close to Darren told The Sun: "Jennifer and Darren have tried to keep things low-key and under wraps but they are really into each other.

"Recently Jennifer was working on a gruelling project and she relied on Darren for support and they were in constant contact. It seemed to show they were the real deal."

Aronofsky has a child with former fiancee Rachel Weisz, and The Silver Linings Playbook star has previously dated Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin.

Meanwhile, Lawrence had previously admitted that she has trouble finding a date. She told Vogue: "No one ever asks me out. I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me. I know where it's coming from, I know they're trying to establish dominance, but it hurts my feelings. I'm just a girl who wants you to be nice to me. I am straight as an arrow. I feel like I need to meet a guy, with all due respect, who has been living in Baghdad for five years who has no idea who I am."