Jennifer Hawkins: Oklahoma Cheerleading Coach Arrested for Having Sex With Daughter's 16-Year-Old Boyfriend More Than 300 Times

The victim claimed that Hawkins first asked him to have sex in 2017 when the then-sophomore was already dating her daughter.

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An Oklahoma cheerleading coach has been arrested for allegedly having sex with her daughter's 16-year-old boyfriend more than 300 times, authorities said. Jennifer Hawkins, 45, who worked part-time for Moore Public School District throughout the alleged relationship with the victim has since been fired, a district official told Fox News.

Hawkins allegedly forcibly had sex with the student who was dating her own daughter in what is being described as "manipulative and controlling." She was arrested on Wednesday and charged with second-degree rape and sexual battery after her alleged five-year sexual relationship with the boy came to light, authorities said.

Sex With Her Daughter's Boyfriend

Jennifer Hawkins
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According to an affidavit obtained by Fox 25, detectives started investigating the Moore Public Schools cheer coach in January when the alleged victim, who is now 21 years old, leveled rape accusations against her.

The victim, who has since graduated from the school after the relationship began in September 2017, told police that he had been raped "numerous times," alleging this in a letter that he sent to district officials on January 27 from a recovery facility in California.

A likely affidavit obtained by the outlet read that Hawkins originally denied the allegations but later " admitted she made a mistake and began crying and admitted to having been in a sexual relationship " with the student.

When asked how many times she and the victim had sex, Hawkins allegedly responded, "No clue," which police say indicated it was "numerous times."

The victim claimed that Hawkins first asked him to have sex in 2017 when the then-sophomore was already dating her daughter.

He allegedly had intercourse with Hawkins at her house virtually every day during his lunch break throughout his sophomore and junior years. Hawkins picked up the victim around lunch and took him to her residence where they had sex, according to law and crime.

Their relationship continued until 2022. The victim reported to the police that he thought the two had sex more than 300 times and that they met through Hawkins' daughter, whom the victim had dated for an undefined period of time and knew from school.

Silently Exploited

Moore Public Schools
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It's unclear if the victim and the victim's daughter were still together when the relationship began. The affidavit also mentions that Hawkins allegedly stroked the victim's private area as they were watching a soccer game at her home and said he would never forget that game.

According to the affidavit, the victim provided police texts between him and Hawkins, who allegedly "got angry" with him if he looked at other women on social media.

"I want you in my life. I just don't want a romantic relationship," he allegedly texted to Hawkins.

According to the Moore Public Schools department, Hawkins was fired right away once the charges became public in January. "Once we were made aware of the situation Hawkins was immediately fired from working at Moore Public Schools," a district spokesperson said.

"The safety and security of MPS students and employees is our foremost concern. MPS school officials will continue to assist law enforcement in their investigation of this matter."

Hawkins was arrested and charged with second-degree rape and sexual battery.