Jennifer Aniston Friends Reunion Instagram
Instagram grab/ Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram recently and created a record of sorts as she crossed millions of followers in just 12 seconds after her debut on the social media site and her first ever post gained a lot of traction as it was a picture of the 'Friends reunion'.

The surprising fact here is that the reunion picture got a whopping 12.6 million likes within a span of just two days and she got 12.2 million followers. That's completely mind-boggling!

In a recent sit down at the Jimmy Kimmel show, the 51-year-old actress was asked by the host about how she felt joining Instagram and why didn't she join the app way before.

Jennifer revealed that she herself has no idea why she's on Instagram and jokingly said: ''I don't know'' and revealed that ''it's crazy'', which caused the audience to burst out with laughter.

Jimmy Kimmel was also taken aback at how the 'Friends reunion' picture went on to become a social media sensation and her followers crossed a million on Instagram in just 12 seconds. ''They measured it, it's a Guinness Book world record. You got to a million (followers) in, like, 12 seconds or something.'' To which Jennifer nodding her head said that she was ''the most reluctant person to join Instagram."

When Jimmy asked why she joined Instagram, Jennifer just quipped, ''I don't know'' and said that her friends wanted her to leave the "resist, persist" mentality. After a pause, the star joking said, "I'm just trying to build content," and the audience roared with laughter.

Jimmy also gave Jennifer some tips on what to post next on Instagram and said that even if she posts reunion pictures again, her fans would still love it and lap it up. "Wouldn't it be funny if you only posted reunion photos of you and the group from Friends? I think they (her followers) will stick with you, regardless." Well well, Jimmy Kimmel is absolutely right here, folks!

Who wouldn't love to see 'Friends reunion' again and again? It'll surely be something!