Jeff Sessions, Trump's first Attorney General to run for Alabama senate seat


Jeff Sessions (72), first Attorney General under the Trump administration has announced his bid for the US Senate. He will run for the seat in Alabama, which he held for two decades, before being appointed in Trump's cabinet.

A former lawyer, Sessions was appointed as the Attorney General of Alabama in 1994. Two years later he was elected to the U.S. senate from Alabama, the seat he held for 20 years. A long-time Republican, he was appointed by President Donald Trump as US Attorney General in early 2017.

US Attorney General is nominated by the President, confirmed by the US Senate, and is a member of the President's cabinet. Head of the Justice Department and chief legal counsel to the President, he/she represents the government in all legal matters.

Things got sour between the President and his attorney general, when Sessions recused himself from the investigation into alleged Russian hacking in 2016 US Presidential elections. He resigned from his post in November 2018. Since his exit, Trump has criticized him harshly in the public. He called him "beleaguered a.g." on Twitter.

He even criticized Sessions in his joint address with the former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri and said that he is "disappointed" with Sessions. Criticizing his recusal from Robert Mueller's Russia probe, Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News in August, last year, commented "What kind of a man is this?"

Next month, in another interview with Hill TV, he commented, "I don't have an attorney general, it's so sad" and said that he was "disappointed" about Sessions' decision to leave the Russia investigation. He also expressed his disappointment regarding Sessions' handling of the immigration issue.

On November 7, Sessions resigned after the President asked him to. The next day, Trump announced Mathew G. Whitaker as Sessions' successor.

Despite being at the receiving end of Trump's criticism, Sessions has remained a Trump supporter. It's expected that the President would campaign against him in Alabama. Jeff Sessions was the first senator to support Trump's candidacy for presidency in 2016.

This article was first published on November 8, 2019