Javed Fiyaz is a smart investor and businessman who also has a heart of gold

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 Javed Fiyaz


Javed Fiyaz is a young Belgian entrepreneur with a net worth of $4.3 Billion and is notable for his charity work, both in Asia and in the UK. His business interests and his success in diverse fields have made him a billionaire.

Mr. Fiyaz is notable for having diverse business interests and it is through them that he has achieved international success. He has spread out his investments in the fields of real estate, information technology, shipping, oil & gas, mining, and commodities.

Real Estate

Mr. Fiyaz can be considered a real estate tycoon in the UK. He has made many investments in real estate, buying and renovating properties in London. The most notable of these properties is Rutland Gardens located in the Knightsbridge and in the Belgravia district of London. The scenic house is one of the most sought after properties in London. Mr. Fiyaz is interested in real estate around the world, particularly in the Middle East where he has quite a list of contacts with whom he regularly meets.


In 2007 a boom occurred in both India and China in the shipping industry. The local manufacturers started exporting huge quantities of coal ore, bauxite, iron ore, grain, phosphate, fertilizer, and steel. That boom led to the creation of Mr. Fiyaz's shipping network. He developed a fleet of vessels capable of carrying dry goods in bulk. Along with the fleet, he also developed a shipping network which incorporated many clients, both in the exporting countries and in the importing ones. This venture was so successful that Mr. Fiyaz was able to merge with the London registered Global Ocean Carriers. The merger helped increase both the scale and the profitability of this venture.

Oil & Gas, Mining, and Commodities

Mr. Fiyaz currently has only one prospect under his purview, that being of the mining operations that are being done in Guinea and other African countries. That prospect concerns Bauxite, which is a compound containing high levels of Aluminum. It is currently under geological scoping in order to estimate the full value of the find, and how work should be done to minimize natural damage while still extracting the maximum amount of the ore that lies there.

The survey is being held with consultants from notable mining companies such as Coffey Mining, Hatch Engineering, and SRK Consulting.

Information Technology

Javed Fiyaz is a smart investor in the innovations of Information Technology. He has put a hefty investment stake in the Blockchain. He did a pre-IPO investment in Canada's Hut 8 mining company which is amongst the top 10 mining farms in the World. He has also done pre-IPO investment in Lyft, which is a US based company that operates and offers vehicles for hire. Lyft operates in 644 cities in the United States and 12 in Canada.

Charitable Works

Mr. Fiyaz is not only known as a shrewd businessman but also a philanthropist, helping those in need in Asia and in the UK. There are three main channels of his charitable works.

  • No Child Born to Die: The No Child Born to Die is an initiative formed in conjunction between the Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust and the Save the Children Foundation
  • Born to Learn: The Born to Learn initiative focuses on helping underprivileged students residing in the Southwark area of London. The area is known for underprivileged families struggling to make ends meet in a changing London.

Earthquake Relief Efforts: The Javed Fiyaz Charitable Fund regularly provides relief in times of distress in India and Pakistan. His personal donation towards relief efforts for the 2007 earthquake was integral in developing schools, homes, a hospital, and a university in the Muzaffarabad area.

Mr. Fiyaz is considered to be one of the most influential personalities living abroad. He personifies the spirit of entrepreneurship. His constant charitable works and his business acumen make him not just a successful person, but also an exceptional humanitarian.

This article was first published on February 18, 2021