Jaspreet Singh Brar : Son of Farmer to King of Network marketing

Jaspreet Singh Brar

Every expert was once a beginner and there is no stairway to reach the pinnacle of success without sheer hard work and determination. The entrepreneurial success stories have always been a fascination that has inspired people to achieve the unachievable. Today we take you through the journey of Jaspreet Singh Brar whose life story has been an extraordinary ride. Hailing from Punjab, he was not born with a bed of roses. Born to a family of farmers, he never had strong monetary support. However, the financial budget in his life ever stopped him thinking beyond the practical boundaries. The road to entrepreneurship began after the doors of becoming a singer and athlete were closed for him.

Blessed with a resonant voice and a top-notch sportsman spirit, he was a terrific sports player who won several trophies during school and college. Unfortunately, a game injury made him surrender his dream of being a sportsperson. He was even suggested to not stress his vocal cords which saw his career of singing getting down in the dust. With a curiosity to discover his passion, he zeroed in to find out about his life goal. After a magnificent academic record in school, he stepped in college just to realize that something was missing. Despite being a bright student, he exited university after knowing that he wanted to learn something outside books and theories.

Jaspreet started exploring the business world in 2014 after meeting his coach. His excursion to a rich life was not simple. With no support from near and dear ones, this young man was put down by society who thought he was excessively youthful and credulous. To not fall for the nerve sulking 9 to 5 job, this young talent never gave up and moved to Chandigarh with a dream to build an empire of his own. Going through some phase of difficulty and speaking about his struggles, he said, "There were times I had nothing to eat. For quite a long time, I would have no cash, not even to purchase food and feed myself. In any case, every one of those evenings when I slept on an empty stomach has now paid off. Everything paid off."

In the year 2018, the entrepreneur carried an expedition into the network marketing industry as he combined his business with the universe of web-based media. While all the others were from the outset incredulous about this thought, they opened up to it after they saw Jaspreet Singh succeed. Behind this mammoth success, he thanks his family for imbibing these great qualities in him. "My grandfather instructed me to push forward throughout my life. I am highly obliged to my guide, and nothing makes me more joyful than being a tutor to others now", he added. Starting from having zero assets, the smart entrepreneur has got seven-figure income who is rightly inspiring many young and budding entrepreneurs today.

While many entrepreneurs incurred several losses during the global pandemic, Jaspreet developed his business twice the size during the crisis. Living a life of his dreams, he has changed the lives of many individuals. Starting from the scratch, today Jaspreet Singh Brar has carved his name as one of the prominent personalities in the advertising business. Once a youthful broke kid is now an uplifting symbol for everyone. To have an insight into the plush life of the entrepreneur, check out his Instagram page.