Jason L Nemes on Maintaining a Positive Outlook on Life's Challenges and Encouraging Others to do the Same through Healthy Living

Jason L Nemes

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Jason Nemes is a 36-year-old health and wellness coach and motivational speaker helping people realize a new lease on life through fitness and mentorship. Before venturing into the entrepreneurial space, Jason, a business administration bachelor's degree holder from the University of Texas, first started in the corporate world selling digital media advertising. However, he quickly realized that his path in life does not lie in media advertising or the corporate world, so he made the hard decision to leave with nothing but his determination to succeed.

While trying to make a new decision on his career, he ran into an old college friend whom he consistently said no to regarding an opportunity in the fitness industry. With nothing else to lose, he gave it a shot and moved in with his old friend with a trash bag of clothing, and slept on his couch. In three years, Jason was able to turn his life around by building a business as a fitness coach. He got in the best fitness shape of his life, made great money, and built a legacy of helping others do the same while traveling the world at his leisure.

Six years after he first left the corporate world, Jason is now a top 1% income earner, has 2 homes, runs a smoothie bar, and more. When he is not working at his smoothie bar, he is speaking to others, motivating them to change the trajectory of their lives by sharing his own zero-to-hero moment. He has spoken in several countries such as France, Belgium, France, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and Australia.

Now a world-renowned health and wellness coach and motivational speaker, Jason Nemes has had a couple of tough breaks in his life. At one point, he struggled with drug addiction but was able to pull because he knew he was on the spiraling road to doom and needed to stop. However, life was not done dealing him a wild card as he lost his little brother shortly after in December 2019. April 4, 2022, Jason himself suffered a massive heart attack, and he flatlined on the table. Despite these challenges, Jason maintained a positive outlook on life.

"I'm huge on doing personal development. I'm big on the fact that life happens to all of us, and if we aren't ready for it, challenges will knock us on our asses. So every single day, I'm focused on self-growth. I'm also clear that if it's going to be, it's up to me. We can't have a victim mentality. We must rise above all the obstacles that come our way and know they are speed bumps, NOT roadblocks. I also believe a huge part of pushing forward is the things we choose to focus on. I choose to focus on all the good in my life," he shares.

Jason Nemes wants to maintain his "can't stop, won't stop" outlook on life in the coming years. He wants to keep helping others achieve their dreams while also working on expanding his business. In the future, he will be launching a clothing company. In addition, he will be formally starting life coaching/business coaching.