Jared Polites Joins Startup Fortune As Editorial Advisor

Jared Polites

Popular startup news and community platform Startup Fortune welcomes author and entrepreneur Jared Polites as their editorial advisor.

The significance of web 3.0 technology in digital marketing and entrepreneurship is growing exponentially. There is a demand for updated content and knowledge given the nascency of DeFi and emerging technologies in general, it is critical that readers and enthusiasts have the right resources to fully grasp the industry, including the risks that come with it. Even with the reliability of smart contracts, there are risks involved and that is why people need to be educated to make informed decisions before jumping into this area.

For this reason, Startup Fortune has made a proactive effort to bring on advisors that will help ensure the content requests and needs of the web 3.0 community are being met and that the world of media can be a positive force on the growth and adoption of the new technologies and tools and the industry as a whole.

Introducing Jared Polites; Author, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Jared Polites is joining Startup Fortune as an advisor to expand their news content, but who is he and why is he the ideal man for this job?

Jared Polites is an entrepreneur based in Barcelona with a diverse work history. In 2010, he graduated from the University of Texas and at just 21 years old started working at the FBI as an Intelligence Analyst. He later received a scholarship to study at Sciences Po Paris and by 2014 moved to Asia to work at a venture capital firm that was incubating Southeast Asia's e-commerce industry. Jared started working in the industry in 2017 as the VP of Marketing of a Major Media Group, one of the earliest full-service marketing agencies. The first two campaigns at a popular media group led to over $100 million raised in crowdfunding, helping elevate Jared's role in the industry as a marketing advisor and investor.

Currently, Jared is a partner at LaunchTeam, a global marketing agency, and a venture partner at 7BC, a fintech-focused VC. He also advises the Enterna-Borderless Venture Studio which helps companies that make innovative ideas happen. He writes for Entrepreneur, Forbes, HackerNoon, and other publications.

More details about Startup Fortune can be found on their Instagram account or on their website.