Japanese tele-operator will launch 'Toilet Finder' app to alert users to vacant toilet cubicles
Signage with English and Arabic translations points to washrooms Reuters (Representational Image)

Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI is all set to launch a "Toilet Finder" app in March that will inform people of the number of occupied cubicles at a particular location through their smartphone and computer. The toilet application, dubbed as "smart loos" will be using Global Positioning System (GPS) to show users the nearest unoccupied bathroom.

The Japan Times reported that the struggle to find a public toilet in the country was real and had affected the work productivity of Japanese workers as they spend too much time waiting for a lavatory to become available.

"People often waste time by looking around for an available toilet on various floors or by waiting until one becomes available," KDDI spokesman Daisuke Maruo told The Japan Times.

"We believe this service will help people waste less time," he added.

The application will use the sensors on the closed doors of the cubicles to detect the vacant cubicles. The users will receive real-time updates of cubicle vacancy.

If any cubicle is occupied for too long, an email will also be sent to a facility administrator in case of possible accidents. The company will launch the service first at office buildings and later it has plans to roll it out at sports stadiums, train stations and shopping malls.