Japanese businessman Yoshiya Kato wants to spread the message of trust and long-term relationship

Yoshiya Kato

Yoshiya Kato is a renowned name in Japan. An extremely successful businessman, investor, and start-up ace, who has a profound ability to make any business thrive to success. To his credit, he has made a whopping 55 start-up ventures, across the industrial trajectory, run profitably. But this is only one side of Chairman of YKBK Enterprises Private Limited. He is also a sports lover with a particular interest in Basketball.

Born on 6th December 1980 in Karatsu City of Japan, always had great ambition and deep Japanese cultural roots. He has great respect for cultural similarities and strong long-term relations between India and Japan. He has a firm belief that Indian and Japanese firms have the ability to conquer the world business arena together. It was his close alliance with Indian origin 3x3 Basketball player Rohit Bakshi that brought him to India in 2017, with a vision to inflate the game that is loved by a large part of the globe, in India, which is 2nd largest population of the world.

He is the chairman of FIBA authorized 3x3 Professional Basketball league, named '3BL in India along with that, he is also the chairman of Massive Drive Co.Ltd, Japan, which is 3x3 professional basketball team Karatsu Loe Black's operating company. The main Vision of 3BL is to acquaint Indian youth with endless opportunities in the sport of basketball. Yoshiya Kato has been successful in his attempt to a great extent as the league has really gained popularity in the Indian continent at a very fast pace.

To understand the chain of events, Yoshiya Kato inaugurated Massive Drive Co. Ltd as the Chairman. In February 2018 Karatsu Loe Black a three-person professional basketball team was launched. It was June 20th, 2019 he launched AKB48's sister groups named 'DEL48' and MUB48' in India. On 23rd August he agreed to carry out a pre-camp for the 3x3 Men's republic of Serbia in Karatsu City for Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

The FIBA 3x3 Olympic Qualifying Tournament will take place in Graz, Austria on May 26-30, 2021. The announcement was made on Olympic Day at a press conference in Graz, exceptionally attended by Austria Vice-Chancellor and Sports Minister Werner Kogler. The game of 3x3 has received much-deserved love and passion in India, all thanks to its chairman Yoshiya Kato and League commissioner Rohit Bakshi.

Yoshiya Kato who manages other companies such as consulting firms, construction firms, IT companies, and advertising agencies with equal proficiency was featured in Saga Shimbun as a businessman from Saga Prefecture on August 3, 2019. He is someone who wants to strengthen the business relationship between Indian and Japanese companies to the next level.

Yoshiya Kato has another interest in the entertainment industry. He is keen to promote Indian artists and other talents in the recreation industry through DEL48 and MUB48. In his efforts to do this DEL48 is implied in theatre performances, concerts, music record release through DEL48 an, fan events, etc. to prop up deserving talent from Indian Cities

This article was first published on July 6, 2020