Japanese Artist Seitaro Yamazaki opened a new online shop

Seitaro Yamazaki

Seitaro Yamazaki, The Japanese conceptual artist is a constant producer of innovative and refreshing works of art. Yamazaki creates art utilizing things found in the natural world.
Yamazaki's latest effort takes him into the media of the internet, with his sights set on dominating the world of art on a global scale. Seitaro Yamazaki has opened a new online shop where fans and others can acquire unique Seitaro Yamazaki works of art.

Injust a short span Yamazaki has created a name for himself as one of the most creative and sensational artists around the world. With his great creations and strong aesthetics, he has chosen the theme of time for his drawing and what would be the back looking of the future for us. These skills are easily depicted from his painting and can easily assure you that there is a huge depth in his creative mind filled with passion and spirit for his art. Whenever you talk about time, skills, and creativity together you can never forget Seitaro Yamazaki. This is the art of Yamazaki filled with all the great secrets and passion that can only be recognized with a pure sight.

Seitaro Yamazaki has been taking his art to a brand-new level and has started taking part in various global events all around the world. He has been providing some of the most decent and glamorous work that can easily make your eyes stuck in awe.
Yamazaki took part in the YICCA 2021 and came in second position for his "NIKE AIR JORDON 1". The piece reflects astonishing beauty and attracts a whole lot of crowd towards itself. YICCA is something where new talent is promoted, and astonishing pieces are shown to the world and Yamazaki becomes an inspiration for many on this platform.

The shop offers both paintings and sculptures created by Yamazaki. Early consumers will have a chance to purchase Yamazaki's latest piece "Icon Made of Sand #01 'Nike AIR JORDAN 1'". A sculpture made of mixed mediums depicting the theme of time has subsequently earned him second place in the YICCA competition earlier this year. The sculpture is now available on his site at a price tag of $4,500.

There is another great painting built on various dimensional axes named the 'OUTLINE OF FIGURATIVE'. These come with 4 different kinds of axis orientation and make a lot of great publicity for Yamazaki. It resembles a plant, but it is not a real plant, and no name has been given to it. Before a concept becomes a concept, there is ambiguity. A collection of pieces that confront abstract concreteness on their edges and develop plants in imagined recollections.

Yamazaki has really done a really great work on this one as it spouts various great effects of the eye. All of these art pieces are real astonishing aspects of beauty with the price tag of $2400.

The shop also offers a number of variants of various art pictures that depict a number of great feelings. "THE SKIN WEARING TIME", he portrayed two different forms of skin that develop naturally throughout time. Iwahada (stone-like skin) is created by hammering rocks on clay before burning, converting a natural process and representing stones that have traveled a long and winding path. Mizuhada (water-like skin) denotes a smooth, soft, and gentle texture, similar to that of polished water. There are two different textures. Those are now available on his site at a price tag of $1,800.

There is so much more to what you can check from his latest creations and all that has been created by him. The price range of all the paintings that have been created are from the range of $340 to $5000 so far. All of these are great masterpieces of Yamazaki.