Japan Medical Group Claims Masks Are too Dangerous for Children Under 2

Masks Not Safe For Children: Medical Group

The children who are under the age of two must not wear masks as they can trigger breathing difficulty and risk of choking a medical group of Japan stated while launching an urgent appeal to the parents as the nation reopens from the coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis.

The Prime Minister of the country Shinzo Abe lifted the state emergency in Tokyo and four other areas as the number of cases fell all over Japan while warning that it could be reimposed if the virus starts spreading again.

Masks Not Safe for Children: Japanese Medical Group

Face Masks

To prevent the virus spread, health experts worldwide are recommending people wear masks when it is difficult to maintain social distancing as countries loosen restrictions following coronavirus shutdowns. But the Japan Pediatric Association has warned parents that masks are too risky for infants.

"Masks can make breathing difficult because infants have narrow air passages," which increases the burden on their hearts, the association said, adding that masks also raise the risk of heat stroke for them. "Let's stop the use of masks for children under 2-years-old," the association said in a notice on its website.

It said that so far there were very few serious coronavirus cases among children and that most kids became infected from family members, with almost no outbreaks at schools or day care facilities. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics also say children under the age of two should not wear cloth face coverings.

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