Japan: Fire breaks out at Japan's iconic Tsukiji fish market; no reports of injury

The fire was in Tsukiji's "outer" market, but, the Tsukiji "inner" market was not affected.

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A massive fire broke out at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday. The Tokyo Fire Department said that a dozen of fire trucks were deployed to tackle the blaze that spread to four buildings covering 200sqm. However, there were no reports of any injury.

The authorities said that they were informed about the incident around 4.50 pm originating in a three-storey building in an area adjacent to the market. The fire was in Tsukiji's "outer" market, an area packed with informal restaurants where tourists can tuck into fresh seafood plates and sushi. But, the Tsukiji "inner" market that has most seafood wholesalers are located and tuna auctions are carried out at dawn was not affected

The firefighters and several fire engines were present at the scene to help in putting the blaze as helicopters hovered overhead. According to reports, the fire extinguishing efforts were hampered by the area's narrow streets and tight-knit buildings.

"I could tell immediately that it's a fire," Kiyoshi Kimura, the head of the Sushizanmai restaurant chain, who was at his office in the area when the fire broke out, told AFP. "So I called managers and had everyone evacuated from our restaurants," Kimura added.

This latest fire comes a month after Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said that fish market will be moved to a new location.