Gu Hye Sun
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The lead actress of the weekend drama, "You Are Too Much," Gu Hye Sun left the drama after being rushed to the emergency room for severe allergic shocks. The actress is currently hospitalized and her agency said, "Gu Hye Sun cannot continue You Are Too Much. She was rushed to ER while filming because she felt dizzy and breathless."

According to the reports, Gu Hye Sun has a "serious allergic digestive disorder" which is also known as anaphylaxis and she needs "rest and a long term treatment." Doctor suggested to treat it promptly as Anaphylaxis could put her life at risk.

The doctors advised her against filming for a while, as Gu Hye Sun could not eat anything. So she got IV fluids and reportedly worked on an ambulance.

The You Are Too Much production team shared, "Everyone is sorry to let Gu Hye Sun go. We looked for ways to keep her. But health precedes the show business."

On March 24, producers made an official announcement stating, "After multiple discussion and contemplation, we have decided for Goo Hye Sun to leave the drama. In consideration of the time needed for recovery, it's judged that it'd be best for her to not appear on the drama."

According to Allkpop, actress Jang Hee Jin will be taking over her role from episode 7 of the series. A representative stated, "Jang Hee Jin has presented exceptional acting skills starring in numerous dramas. She is currently working hard so that the inclusion of her character will flow smoothly in the show."

MBC's 'You Are Too Much' tells the story of two very different lives of a famous singer and a cabaret singer. You can watch it on Saturday and Sunday at 8:45 pm KST.