Jamie Komoroski: Drunk Driver Who Killed Bride Was Three Times Over Limit During Crash and Told Cops She 'Did Nothing Wrong'

Komoroski was traveling along a poorly lit residential street in a 25-mph zone while operating a rental Toyota Camry when she crashed the car.

The drunk driver who killed a newlywed bride and seriously injured the groom was three times over the legal limit during the car crash, it has been claimed. Jamie Komoroski, 25, who killed Samantha Hutchinson, 34, also told cops that she "did nothing wrong."

Komoroski,'s blood alcohol content was 0.261 when she reportedly slammed her car into a golf cart. According to a toxicological report from South Carolina police, Hutchinson was driving in with her new spouse at Folly Beach. Hutchinson died on the scene, while her husband is still fighting for his life. Two other relatives of the groom were also injured in the crash.

Too Drunk to Drive

Jamie Komoroski
Jamie Komoroski, who was drunk and driving her car at 65 mph, before crashing into the vehicle of the newlyweds, has been arrested Twitter

According to the incident report, Komoroski, a former taco restaurant waitress, was apparently so drunk at the time of the crash that she appeared confused, telling responding authorities, "All of a sudden, something hit me," and claiming, "I did nothing wrong," numerous times.

According to the report written by Folly Beach Police Sgt. Zac Halpern, Komoroski acknowledged having a beer and a tequila pineapple an hour prior to the horrific crash.

Jamie Komoroski
Jamie Komoroski Instagram

Halpern claimed that when he asked her how inebriated she was on a scale of one to 10, he overheard her murmur that she was at an eight before demanding a lawyer.

When the responding officers attempted to administer a sobriety test, Komoroski objected and yelled for her boyfriend while trying to cover her eyes, according to the police.

The officer noticed Komoroski had problems standing on her own feet when Halpern attempted to assist her out of the car to check her balance, but Komoroski insisted she was fine.

Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Miller
Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Miller Twitter

According to Halpern's report, Komoroski was reportedly confused at the scene of the collision, calling out to her boyfriend briefly before yelling incoherently as she turned to face the wreckage.

Nothing But Irresponsible

Halpern wrote in the report that Komoroski's apparent confusion during her arrest was evidenced by the fact that the arresting officer had to explain his justification three times after she refused to enter the back of his patrol car.

Samantha Miller and Aric Hutchinson
The final photo of Samantha Miller and Aric Hutchinson at their wedding reception before their golf cart was hit by a dunk driver GoFundMe

In the report, Halpern stated that "this is a clear indication of someone who is intoxicated; is to repeat over and over, after their question has already been answered."

Komoroski was traveling along a poorly lit residential street in a 25-mph zone while operating a rental Toyota Camry when she crashed the car. Hutchinson was killed on the scene and her new husband suffered critical injuries after Komoroski's car collided with the golf buggy carrying the bride and groom, sending it flying 100 yards.

Jamie Komoroski
Jamie Komoroski Twitter

Aric Hutchinson, Hutchinson's husband, was seriously injured in the collision. He was only recently released from the hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries.

Komoroski is still being held in jail without bond on three counts of DUI causing death and one case of reckless murder.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for June.