James to leave Royal Pirates: Bassist details about deteriorating health condition in handwritten letter

James shared a handwritten letter to his fans on Instagram.

Royal Pirates James
Royal Pirates' James has announced his decision to leave the group Instagram/jamesjhl

Royal Pirates' James is leaving the group due to health issues. The bassist had suffered a tragic accident in which he nearly had his hand severed, when a door crashed down on his wrist.

As pain and post-traumatic stress persisted and it became clear that he could not play the bass. James wrote a handwritten letter to his fans on Instagram, announcing his decision to leave the band.

The note read: "I've tried to power through and be as positive as possible, but I am at the point where I need to do what is right for me... Ever since I was a kid the idea of finishing whatever I started has been branded into my brain. I've spent the last 2 years trying to pick up the pieces and salvage whatever I could."

"But I recently found out that on top of a possible 6th surgery to restore whatever function I can in my hand, I also have a blood clot in my brain. So I've accepted that leaving now is not guilting, but redirecting my life. And I hope you can agree that this is what's best.

"I am so sorry for letting you down, but I hope you know I gave you guys everything I had, I never resented the blood, sweat & tears.. Only the missed opportunities and memories I envisioned when I first moved to Seoul. Thank you for your support & love & loyalty & the memories & everything. I wish RP & you all all the success in the world. I will never forget you guys," he concluded.