Is James Bond going to die in upcoming movie?

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond Reuters

The upcoming James Bond movie is making headlines from the last couple of months for all the bad reasons. First, it was rumored that Daniel Craig will not be a part of future James Bond films, then it was speculated that Idris Elba will replace Craig after the release of the untitled 25th film in the Bond movie franchise. Recently, it was made official that director Danny Boyle has quit the project, and the real reason has now surfaced and it is shocking as anything.

It was reported last week that the producers of upcoming James Bond movie franchise and film's lead actor, Daniel Craig, made an announcement that due to some "creative differences," Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle has decided "to no longer direct Bond 25." A recent report has revealed that the fate of the world famous British spy may come to a bitter end in the upcoming film.

After it was announced that Boyle has quit the project, it was reported that James Bond movie franchise producers were not impressed after viewing the film's script which was co-written by Boyle. The Boyle's James Bond script reportedly focused on the recent political tensions with Russia and somehow depicted a "modern-day Cold War." It was also claimed that Boyle had reportedly clashed with Daniel Craig.

A recent report from The Sun reveals that the movie's producer, Barbara Broccoli, wanted James Bond to die in the end. This, somehow, would reportedly put an end to Craig's James Bond.

"There were discussions about killing off Bond in dramatic fashion at the end," an alleged insider said. "It would also leave it open for a twist in the next installment — either Bond hadn't died or there could be a Doctor Who-esque regeneration with a new actor."

To kill James Bond has never been done in any of the previously released James Bond films and Barbara reportedly wanted a "pure gold spectacular finale" but Danny Boyle was not on the same page with the producer and the actor.

The alleged insider went on to claim that apart from this, there were some serious disputes over budgets, adding that "there's pandemonium among crew with people leaving the production left, right and center."

"There are fears the film will be put back months and backroom staff are worried about where their next pay cheque is coming from."

As of now, it is not officially confirmed whether Daniel Craig's James Bond will die in the upcoming James Bond film, or if the claims by the insider are not some fabricated news.