Jameela Jamil reveals that activism has cost her a lot of money

Jameela Jamil Halloween
Instagram / Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil is very active on Twitter and she quickly jumps into an argument supporting the causes of feminism, LGBT, minority rights among various others. Though several equal rights groups have lauded her work, many others hate the 33-year-old actress for supporting all of the above.

The Good Place actress revealed that activism has actually costed her to lose a lot of money, but she doesn't bother about it as she feels she's doing the right thing, which is to lift up and support the marginalized people. "The sad thing about activism is we only give a voice to those with privilege. Tarana Burke started #MeToo, but all the famous slim, white actresses got all the credit".

"I'm saying the same things I said when I was more marginalized and before Asian people were accepted and when I was chubbier, and now that I'm slim and suddenly brown is 'in' — like this is the year of the brown girl — it seems I've just picked this up like a new hobby."

She further stated that she feels only straight white males have the right to say whatever is on their minds. The actress also stated that she speaks whatever she has onher mind. "I like to say whatever is on my mind, and I feel like straight white men get to do that all the time. What I'm doing isn't fun — this is just necessary. If I'm going to have children, I'm not bringing them into this s—t show."

Coming to Halloween, Jameela Jamil dressed up with her gang of friends as The Sister Act and shared several pictures on her social media handle. She seemed to be having quite a lot of fun and posed alongside her boyfriend James Blake, who was also dressed as a Nun.

We're sure The Good Place actress will come up with more Halloween pictures and we can't wait to see them all. She has the charm to make any picture look extraordinary and of course, we won't be surprised if the actress starts her activism in the Halloween posts as well. Happy Halloween, folks!