Jameela Jamil gets into an ugly Twitter spat with Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio

Jameela Jamil and Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio get into an ugly Twitter spat with regard to women's body structure.

Sara Sampaio Victoria's Secret Lingerie
Instagram grab/ Sara Sampaio

Jameela Jamil got into an ugly Twitter spat with Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio and the war of words went on and on for everyone to see. The duo lashed out at each other in the heated debate which went on for a couple of hours and all of them were nasty tweets and insults thrown at each other.

It all started when Jameela Jamil shared a clip of plus size models walking the ramp at the Vienna Fashion Week and her caption stirred the hornet's nest as she praised the plus sized models and insulted skinny models by saying that slimmer models look like they are ''long-starved terrified teenagers.''

The comment did not go down well with Victoria's Secret model Sara Sampaio and she hit back against Jameela Jamil by saying that her words were ''extremely offensive.'' She replied to Jameela's tweet, ''How about celebrating someone without bringing other people down? Calling runway models "long-starved terrified teenager" is extremely offensive. From someone that is always preaching for body positivity this just screams hypocrisy.''

Jameela immediately shot back at Sara and tweeted: ''I didn't say all models in my tweet so try to calm down. But I will say there is a *vast* majority issue with young girls starving themselves, and using drugs and cocaine to control their weight, to meet the very small sample sizes. If you don't see that, then you are in a bubble.''

However, Sara wasn't impressed with Jameela's defense and accused her of being biased against slimmer women and tweeted another scathing attack on her by saying, ''You didn't say all models, sure, but you still chose to attack girls just so you can celebrate others. Eating disorders, drugs and cocaine use aren't a exclusive problem of models, it's a huge problem is society as a whole. And when you talk like you know for sure majority of.''

Sara made her followers understand in simple terms that Jameela is celebrating plus size models by bringing skinny models down and doing that is not a good thing for women as a whole. She tweeted, ''It's very simple to celebrate someone without having do drag other people. And make general negative assumptions about a whole group of people. Most of these girls are teenagers! And they don't deserved to be constantly put in a negative box like you just did.''