Several parts in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, experienced heavy flooding on Friday night after three hours of incessant rain. According to police, normal life came to a standstill as roads got blocked and traffic snarled.

The worst affected place was near the Gandaria City mall in South Jakarta, where one of the important subways was rendered unusable because of the flood water.

The Jakarta police took to twitter to keep the people updated about the situation. They urged commuters to be extra careful and avoid inundated roads.

The Traffic Management Control (TMC) also received reports of other places being flooded from people.

Jl. Kedoya Raya and on Jl. S. Parman near Tarumanagara University in West Jakarta, Jl. M Kahfi in Ciganjur, South Jakarta and Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading in Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta are some of the other places that were worse hit.

The city has been facing many floods since the beginning of the year. In February, several people had to vacate their house after heavy floods affected the northern flank of the city. The flooding, Governor Basuki said, was worsened by the high tides in the bay that prevented rainwater from draining into the sea.

The month of August also saw another instance of heavy flooding. At least 13 districts, 20 subdistricts, 48 community units and 90 neighborhood units were affected, as estimated and reported by the Disaster Management Agency of the city.