Jaimie Branch Dies; Jazz Composer, Trumpeter Passes Away At 39

The jazz composer and trumpeter Jaimie Branch died at the age of 39. She passed away on Monday at her home in Brooklyn, New York, according to the International Anthem, the Chicago-based label that released her music.

The label stated that Jaimie was a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and teacher. She touched countless numbers of people with her music and spirit, both of which are fearless, truthful and beautiful, and will live on in hearts and ears forever.

Jaimie Branch
Jaimie Branch Twitter

Urging the love and support for Jaimie's family, the label stated that her family asks not just for your thoughts and prayers but also for your action. Show your love and support for your family and friends and anyone who may be in need – just like Jaimie did for all of us."

The International Anthem also stated that "At 9:21 pm on Monday, August 22, composer and trumpeter jaimie branch passed away in her home in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Her family, friends and community are heartbroken."

Branch Started Playing The Trumpet When She Was Nine

Born on June 17, 1983, in New York, Branch started playing the trumpet when she was nine. In her teenage, she moved to Chicago and started to explore the history of jazz.

Branch Was Kicked Out Of Home In Her Teenage

She was kicked out of home as a teenager after accidentally burning down her house, and met a mentor, John McNeil, who encouraged her successful application to the New England Conservatory of Music, according to The Guardian.

After graduation, she returned to Chicago and became an in-demand local collaborator, organizer and sound engineer, playing in groups including Princess, Princess, Sherpa and Battle Cats, reported the British publication.

Tributes are pouring in for Branch on social media platforms. "There was an urgency & vitality to jaimie branch's music. She was punk af! She had this electric presence on stage. Her playing was NOW. It soared," wrote @Jazyjef on Twitter.

"It was an absolute privilege to see jaimie perform at 10 venues in 3 states & 2 countries in 5 years. But she had so much ahead," added @Jazyjef.

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This article was first published on August 24, 2022