High-intensity workout

Peloton, an exercise-bike startup listed its shares on NASDAQ, for its 500,000 paying subscribers. It also took to twitter and shared a pic, saying, "Together, this team goes far" #onepeloton.

Peloton bike is an in-home cycling bike, used for recreational purposes. These bikes are equipped with Wifi and a touchscreen tablet instilled opposite to you. It runs live stream on-demand workout classes with professional instructors, to accomplish your regular workout process.

There are ample of instructor-led workout videos available on the device. You can access them anytime as per your convenience and follow the guidelines to get better insights before you start. Well, these training videos are not for free. You have to pay a minimum subscription cost of $39 per month to get access to these videos and other related stuff.

For $39 you pay – you'll get pre-selected music, a software that tracks your workout, and all the training workout videos. However, you'll get a 14-day trail at the start and if you don't like, you can terminate the subscription.

The whole workout you did is updated on the screen. You can see the amount of efforts you have put in, calories burned, your cardio rate and everything that is linked to your fitness.

Illegitimate actions by Peloton users:

Despite many benefits provided by Peloton, some of the users are crossing the line, which means against the company norms by resorting to jailbreaking the Android-based tablet and rooting the device, to access the apps like Netflix & Spotify, while few others are hacking to reach the acme position on the leader-board rankings.

The usage of these cycles has completely changed, as the users are finding divergent ways to use extraneous products other than Peloton service products, thereby disrupting the actual policies of the business model.

Now, users can easily get into the system by rooting, which helps them to stream the third-party content with ease.

At your own risk:

Peloton made it very clear that they are not responsible for any proscribe actions taken by the users. If any alterations made on the device lead to faulty errors, the company is not to be held responsible, as these charges are not covered in the 12-month warranty provided at the beginning.

But, if you still want to take the risk and go ahead, there is a full step by step process on how to install third-party apps (Netflix, Spotify) on the device, other than the Peloton access content but it is discouraged.

Tracking your progress:

Back in 2017, few of the users complained about the issue of unrealistic figures shown on the leader-board, but the complaint isn't taken seriously because of the company's IPO plans then.

To sort out the issue, the company posted a blog in its support section, explaining the calculation process behind your tracking progress.