JaDerek Gray: Motorcyclist Pulls Gun on SUV Driver in Road-Rage Incident, Instead Gets Shot Dead

The driver asked Gray to put down the gun as there were children inside but the motorcyclist didn't, when he drew his own handgun and opened fire, hitting Gray multiple times.

A motorcyclist pulled a gun at a driver of a SUV only to be fatally shot by the driver in a horrifying road-rage incident in Fort Worth, according to police. 19-year-old JaDerek Gray got involved in a verbal argument last Friday on the I-35 highway with the driver of the SUV during "lane-splitting" that left him dead.

According to Fort Worth police, the driver who shot Gray did so in self-defense after Gray pointed a handgun at him and his children, who were inside the SUV. According to reports, witness to the fatal shooting tried to save the victim.

Unnecessary Fight

JaDerek Gray
JaDerek Gray Gray Family/Dignity Memorial

According to Fort Worth police, Gray was weaving his way between rows of vehicles, an illegal maneuver that's known as "lane-splitting", on Friday. Gray was between lanes of traffic on the center white line on northbound Interstate 35 when the SUV driver, who didn't notice him, started to change lanes.

That's when Gray took a sharp turn but the two somehow didn't collide. Police said Gray then passed several cars and parked his motorcycle on the freeway, stopping all traffic, while onlookers watched in shock.

Gray then started walking back toward the SUV, pointing a handgun at the driver. The unidentified SUV driver remained unmoved at first before telling them to put down the gun because there were kids in his car. However, Gray didn't listen and started approaching the car with the gun pointed at the driver. The driver then drew his own handgun and opened fire, hitting Gray multiple times, according to reports.

Shocking Death

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

Gray soon collapsed on the ground. Officers were called to the scene who found the handgun Gray had at the time of the shooting. Detectives also interviewed several witnesses from the scene, police said. Witness Isel Valenzuela said the shooting took place shortly after he saw a green motorcycle speed between his car and the one next to him on June 25.

"Maybe 10, 15 seconds later, I hear four gunshots," he told Fox 4.

"I look over and I see him laying there. With blood all on his chest and his stomach." Valenzuela said he ran over and turned off Gray's bike, then put pressure on Gray's wounds until paramedics arrived.

"There is no doubt that he parked his bike and got off it and went up and approached the other vehicle. Now who started it? I don't know. Who flashed the gun first? I don't know. But ultimately it had tragic outcome that could've been avoided," said Valenzuela.

Gray was flown to a nearby hospital where he died. The medical examiner's office said he died of multiple gunshot wounds. Police said officers later located Gray's handgun.

That said, although the driver of the SUV hasn't been named, police is treating the incident as "self defense." An investigation into the incident is underway.