Jadejha Edwards - A Young Trailblazer Who Climbed the Corporate Ladder Before the Age of 25

Jadejha Edwards

The corporate world thrives on cutthroat competition and exceptional talent. The advancement in technology has resulted in people working tirelessly for betterment. However, dreamers and realists are the only two categories that come into existence where visions and goals are concerned. Dreamers get entangled in their own world of ideas and often soar far too high than their reach, whereas realists are stubborn and desire the practicality to rule. When dreamers and realists meet, successful results are guaranteed in the corporate world.

This fusion of opposite attributes creates thriving professionals like Jadejha Edwards. Unstoppable and resilient in her pursuit of success, Jadejha started in corporate America at the age of 18 and managed to climb the corporate ladder before the age of 25.

Leading company-wide initiatives and scholarships, she has also been to many schools to speak to kids about her journey growing up and breaking into tech as a young black woman. Moreover, she has been chosen by numerous CISOs, CTOs, and managers to be involved in mentorship programs within the tech field.

Jadejha's childhood was full of trials and tribulations. Jadejha sought refuge with the Starting Right, Now program, which allowed her to focus on school, enabling her to graduate with a 6.1 GPA, and act as the student body President of Jefferson High School. Her dorm room at USF was the first room she ever had to herself.

Today, she has a Bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida. She kick started her professional career as an Incident Response Analyst and then got promoted to the SIEM engineer position. Currently, she is working at a reputed firm as a security engineer, thriving in the tech sphere.

Now that Jadejha is creating a life she loves, many people admire her courage and tenacity. After years of sacrifices, losses, and low moments, she finally experienced success. "Me ten years ago wouldn't even recognize me today. However, every time I meet someone new, they say that I'm going to make a difference in the world, and I truly believe that," she proudly exclaims.

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