Jacob Golin Adds Philanthropy To His Entrepreneur Resume

Jacob Golin

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking with and interviewing young philanthropist and entrepreneur, Jacob Golin.

Golin is the founder of Pluto Automations INC.; an e-commerce company that he started at the mere age of 18 with the goal of aiding people in building and promoting their online stores through Amazon and/or Walmart. As of recently, he has expanded and taken his company to the next step, making it international. Jacob Golin started with the country he feels closest to, Ukraine, during the summer he devoted his time to travel to Ukraine and help people with his vast knowledge of entrepreneurship.

"It is the perfect time in my career to branch out internationally, financially, and mentally. Ukraine in comparison to the U.S is at an economic disadvantage and I could no longer stand to see my people suffer. I have the proper knowledge that I have perfected, to help those in need excel in their online business and teach them useful skills that will help them grow their profits and generate amazing sales". Golin emphasized that during his travels he recruited local Ukrainians who were interested in pursuing finance and business. In just a short period of time, he was able to explain the business world through his entrepreneurial lens and assist them in marketing their products, web development, advertising, and general management knowledge.

"These people have the skills but unfortunately not enough resources or available knowledge that can really help them expand their business, especially nowadays where everything has gone digital and the financial and mental burden increased due to COVID. I just want to do everything in my power to provide these people with the resources they deserve in order for their business to grow along with their profits." Golin is still keeping in touch with his new Ukrainian recruits, he plans to work with them until they feel they are ready to go on independently. The plan is to market his business and services through the local social networks he has already established. Pluto Automations INC. advertisements are now targeting more Ukrainians through social media, so even if they don't know Jacob they can still get an opportunity to work with him.

"Though I do speak Ukrainian and Russian, there was still a language barrier which would be multiplied if I wasn't a native speaker. However, just as music is a universally understood language, so is entrepreneurship. I am able to connect people from Ukraine with my fellow American co-workers and clients because we all share the same love and understanding of e-commerce. It has been a pleasure and honor to travel to Ukraine and spread the word that my company is here to help and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Pluto Automations INC."

Jacob Golin was heavily inspired by his trip and is planning a trip back to Ukraine so he can recruit further and get as many people as possible under his wing. Pluto Automations is on a rise and Golin is putting a new face to the entrepreneurial world because he cares about people and their success more than his own.