Jackie Chan pays tribute to former manager, posts heartwarming message on Facebook

Willie Chan, Jackie Chan's former manager has played a crucial role in shaping the career of the global action star.

Jackie Chan
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Willie Chan, Jackie Chan's former manager took his last breath a couple of days back. He was aged 76.

Even though a powerful film producer, the fame of Willie Chan reached new heights when he worked as the manager of Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan pays his tribute

It was in the mid-1970s when Jackie Chan met Willie Chan. At that time, Jackie Chan was acting as a stuntman in the 'New Fist of Fury'. The performance of Jackie Chan on the shoot set impressed Willie, and both of them soon developed an unbreakable rapport which finally resulted in the launch of JCE group in 1986, a production company founded by the duo.

After three decades of togetherness, the pair mysteriously parted ways in 2008.

Soon after the death of Willie Chan, Jackie Chan took his official Facebook handle and paid tribute to his old friend.

"Another important person in my life has passed away..... Willie Chan. A lot of people know that without you back then, I would not be where I am today. But what people don't know were the things that we went through together. Only you and I know, and understand each other. You're my teacher, my brother, my "Dai Lo".... l'll miss you always. Rest In Peace," posted Jackie Chan on his Facebook.

It was in 2014 that Willie Chan first opened up about the reason behind the split. In an interview, Willy revealed that Jackie Chan slowly became such a person who wishes to socialize only with wealthy and influential people. Willie also added that he felt regretful while parting ways, as he worked with the action superstar for more than 37 years, and was there with him in all his ups and downs.

Tribute from Hong Kong superstar Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu, the Hong Kong Superstar was also managed by Willie Chan for eleven years. After Willie's death, Daniel Wu took his Facebook and posted his condolences. As per Daniel Wu, Willie Chan has played a very crucial role in making him a known popular in Asia.

"I am at that age where the people who were around to shape my life when I was young are starting to go. Willie Chan was my manager for 11 years and helped make me a star in Asia. But more importantly he was the one who took a young stuntman and turned him into the global phenomenon known as Jackie Chan. Your energy and zest for life and your contributions to the Hong Kong film industry will be missed. Rest In Peace Boss! Love you always!," posted Wu.