Jack Zuckowsky is Making Big Moves in His Career Field

Jack Zuckowsky

With the whole world being flipped upside down in the midst of a global pandemic, many people found themselves lost in knowing who they are or what they want to do with their life. It is clear that the new age of technology is moving to completely digital, and you're going to need to adapt to the times. For Jack Zuckowsky, the global pandemic was far from a pandemic at all. He expanded his business and is continuing to make big moves within his career field.

Jack Zuckowsky is an online digital marketer from Nashville, Tennessee, who is doing very well himself. Growing up, his father instilled in him the principles of running a business, and Jack has used that knowledge to build Social Summit, his digital marketing agency, into what it is today. He is thankful for the help from his father and is excited to see where his business goes from here.

As an agency, Social Summit provides a wide array of services that revolve around organic social media profile growth. "My goal is to have created such a big impact on Instagram to a point where I have pushed over 100m followers organically to my client's pages," says Zuckowsky when asked what he envisions for the future. Clearly, he has big plans in store; now, all that is left is to execute.

Despite most of the world being in a lost state of mind, Jack Zuckowsky went against the grain and made it happen for himself. He has spent hours upon hours over the last year perfecting Social Summit's services. Keep an eye out as he continues to make big moves in the near future.