Ivan Wong, building a legacy in Social Media World using his photography skills

Ivan Wong

In the era of mobile selfies and quick photoshoot for Instagram, there exists a revolutionized photographing industry which is flourishing exponentially. Many, small and big photographers are earning their place in this crowded world of polaroids, one of them is Ivan wong. A modern-day photographer, Ivan wong had developed an affinity towards photography while experimenting with his interest. Ivan Wong, who is a graduate of the University of Southern California, moved to New York, intending to pursue management consulting, but his fate had another plot ready. His love for photography bloomed as he discovered various options and opportunities in photography. Within 3 years, he managed to gain 130k followers on Instagram, which turned out to be a significant leap in his career.

Ivan Wong started his journey around 2015 and taught himself to master the sciences of photography. Today, in 2020, Wong has established his name, as a renowned photographer, who has proficiently learned the skills in inception style photos, light trail photography, and colorful portraits.

Ivan Wong, who is certainly a photophile, came into the limelight of the actual industry when brands like Sony recognized his talent and offered him the opportunity of a lifetime. He was chosen as the founding member of Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, a group of talented photographers handpicked by Sony itself, to represent their brand in the marketing world. With this, the fame and recognition walked up to him, as his hard work started to pay off. Another breakthrough in wong's photography career came as an opportunity by google. He was chosen as the founding member of team pixel to represent the pixel's phone camera. While many possibilities were showering in his life, he never forgot the root of his success. He carried on to create mind-blowing content on Instagram. As his popularity started protruding, many lifestyle brands such as Audi, Razer, Gillette, DJI, and more recognized him for his work.

Over the years, with his prolonging success and accomplishments in photography, wong has also been part of many eminent and impressive records. He worked alongside Dua Lipa in "Alita: The Battle Angel" with the production of the same, filmed the music video from the 'Continuum' album, 'Tidal,' for Shook, created the cover art for "Lace-up" and "Empire" by Wengie, and co-produced the music video for JVNA's "I'm With You," among others.

With all the experience that he has gained, Ivan Wong believes that success relies on experimenting, realizing, and growing one's skills. Wong truly stands as an inspiration for many aspiring young photographers who just need a little nudge of guidance. His skills and techniques which he has developed over the years are his valuable assets, which makes him a prominent photographer of the new age.