IU and Kiha Chang split: 11-year age gap to be blamed?

IU and Kiha Chang had an 11-year age gap.

Singer-actress IU has split with Chang Kiha Facebook/IU

IU and Kiha Chang have officially split. The two ended their relationship after dating for four years.

Chang's agency confirmed that they are no longer in a relationship. The label stated: "The two recently broke up and have decided to remain in a good senior-junior relationship."

The two met for the first time in 2013, and started seeing each other shortly. Their relationship came out in 2015, and raised concern as the couple had an 11-year age gap.

IU gushed about Chang when the Korean media outlet Dispatch published photos of the couple together. She said at that time: "You must be shocked but thank you all for asking if I am okay."

"I was thinking of a good way to tell my fans about my relationship, but Dispatch caught the ball before it bounced. I fell for him immediately after meeting him for the first time through a radio show. He is a boyfriend whom I have a lot to learn from and I am thankful for that. We are dating like any other couple, having good times, fighting, getting disappointed, and feeling thankful," she added.

In 2016, during an interview with Ilgan Sports, Chang was asked about their age difference. He said: "It doesn't mean that a couple will connect better if they are the same age. There are so many factors that lead to personality connection. Age is just one of the many factors so I don't really feel the age gap."

Adding on, the 34-year-old singer also dished about their taste in music. He stated: "It doesn't match perfectly, but there were times when I came to like a song that I've never given attention to because of IU's recommendation. I sometimes recommend (music) as well. We keep our musical connection like that, and I think we have a somewhat high understanding of music since we work in the field. We are also able to improve musically together that way."