It's raining chocolates at Harbour City of Hong Kong

The yearly chocolate extravaganza at the Harbour City Shopping Mall is back with yet another chocolaty event. The annual mega event "Chocolate Trail" which is taking place between 25 January and 25 February, has turned to be a delicious chocolate wonder.

This year, Japanese Miniature Artist - Tatsuya Tanaka who has over 1 million followers on Instagram for hosting "mini CHOCOllection" miniature exhibition, is presiding over the event.

"This is the first exhibition that Tatsuya Tanaka curated with a specific theme which includes Hong Kong elements such as Dai Pai Dong, HK Old Tenements and HK Style Food Truck to create or redesign his art pieces," an official press statement from the officials read.

The artist will display 32 miniature art pieces including 10 brand-new art pieces for the month-long event. Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year's Day, and 7th Day of Chinese New Year are some of the theme exhibited. And the proceedings from the event will be donated to Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation.

Check out a glimpse of the perfection exhibited by Japanese artist Tanaka:

In addition, French artist Julia Drouhin is hosting "The Sound of Chocolate," an art exhibition featuring vinyl record made of chocolates. This year, Harbour City has again launched the "Chocolate Trail e-Pass" where customers can customers can choose their favourite out of 65 chocolates and desserts available at the "Chocolate Tasting Bar" and 16 other participating brands.

A Valentine's Day special collection was also exhibited at the event:

Chocolate Trail @ Harbour City in Hong Kong
Chocolate Trail @ Harbour City in Hong Kong Media OutReach Newswire

Chocolate vinyl records created by French artist Julia Drouhin were the centre of attraction:

Vinyl Records created by French artist Julia Drouhin that are made of chocolates
Vinyl Records created by French artist Julia Drouhin that are made of chocolates Media OutReach Newswire

In all, 65 chocolates and desserts are available for redemption by "Chocolate Trail e-Pass."

Chocolate Trail e-Pass
Chocolate Trail e-Pass Media OutReach Newswire